Rebel Without A Clue

A Way-Off Broadway Memoir

Rebel-Book-Cover-steveBlending a candid confessional with a sense of humor, Rebel Without A Clue – A Way-Off Broadway Memoir illustrates how, with persistence, patience and pluck, I became an expert on survival. My memoir describes my turbulent, often farcical, journey in a desperate search for a career in the theater. It all started when I saw South Pacific on Broadway. After suffering heartbreaking disappointments, I discovered the bright lights of Broadway became littered with burned-out bulbs, and the drama, on stage and off, made a not-so-funny second act. Never giving up, my story also reveals how I managed to carry on with some semblance of dignity and achieve a few surprising triumphs along the way – most important, a marriage of 52 years, three remarkable children and a wonderful grandson.

In 27 crisp chapters, a spirited road map unfolds of the zigzag route I wandered, confident my big theatrical break loomed over the next speed bump or just around a hidden corner. In a laughable way, major decisions about my future happened in a haphazard clueless manner. To my surprise, this uncharted course also revealed some improbable inspiring discoveries. But, not every experience had an upside. My lack of awareness put me in serious jeopardy when I almost landed in jail for not having a Green Card since I was a Canadian citizen.

There’s a theater expression “Once and actor, always a waiter.” While I never held a waiter’s job, to support my family I stumbled onto a number of fulfilling careers.
For those who struggle to forge ahead against overwhelming obstacles and need a boost in self-worth, Rebel may provide the jump-start to find the courage to press on and succeed in their personal quest for happiness. Or, it could be just fun to read. Also, to add some humor to the book, I add cartoons at the end of each chapter to dramatize the theme of my story.

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