Eleven Extra Attractions That Make Southern Maine At Great Place To Visit

Of course you’ve heard about the many attractions that make Southern Maine so popular with vacationers – the beaches, restaurants, clothing, gift and antique shops, theaters, clubs and a myriad of events. Just in case you’re still searching for something different, something memorable, something that you might not have thought of, here is a select list of sometimes overlooked attractions that deserve your consideration. Listed in no particular order, except to get you out and about to add to the memories of your visit.

  1. What: Route 103
    Where: Between Kittery and York

    The section of Route 103 between Kittery and York is one of the most quaint and historic roads in Maine. Just about 8 miles long, this stretch of winding, meandering by-way encourages a leisurely ride so you won’t miss the scenery. It’s a return to the colonial route traveled on horseback and carriage by early New England settlers.

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November 24, 2015